The Nutbuster™

A heavy-duty hydraulic torque wrench that generates enough torque to release the nuts on large hydraulic cylinders. Construction, mining and other industries can benefit from the Nutbuster™. It mounts to a solid metal disassembly table and will presently deliver up to 50,000 foot-pounds of torque which applies to a wide variety of nuts and glands. Furthermore, options in adding accessories and wrenches are available. You can easily mount accessories to the head of the Nutbuster™. Customers also receive standard safety, upkeep and operations manuals. This product is proudly Canadian engineered, produced and assembled.


Custom Built

The Nutbuster™ operates through a control valve. Its joined by a hydraulic motor and two hydraulic cylinders with a 4’’ bore. It generates torque through the ready to connect power unit. The ratchet head sits on a base that can easily swivel 180°. Other attachments included are fixtures to hold the cylinder eye as well as jacks and stands for rod alignment. Required tools for dismantling glands, spanners and pins are also offered. The manual control valve has an upgrade to a wireless option. In addition, options to add a push and pull feature for the rod are also available. This streamlines the processes of repairing cylinder rods. Other custom features are available upon request.


Unlike other machines, the Nutbuster™ keeps safety, flexibility and efficiency top of mind. Enclosed with each unit are safety and upkeep procedures alongside the operations manual. By utilizing the provided information, you will be able to effectively harness the capabilities and power of the Nutbuster™. This includes assembling and removing any size and shape of nut or gland. There’s also an option to upgrade the controls from a manual to wireless valve. The Nutbuster™ is capable of achieving up to 50,000 foot-pounds of torque. In conclusion, this product is designed to be cost effective and low maintenance while working to drive your hydraulic business forward.


Above all, we commit to support any size of business. Therefore, the Nutbuster™ is available through various pricing to suit different budgets. In short, the Nutbuster™ has equipment, fixtures and fittings that can be added or removed. Build the bench portion separately and receive a copy of the engineered plans. Overall, this will keep costs of shipping and manpower to a minimum.  Building your own table still requires fixtures, jacks and stands to be mounted. These will be provided alongside the machine.

Included Nutbuster™ Fixtures:

Hex Plates

65 mm to 150 mm

Front Eye Holder

Two sets

Mounting Plates & Push-Pull cylinder holder

One set

Back Eye Holder

One set

Pipe Wrench & Spanner Mechanism

One set

Alignment Fixture

Two sets