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The Hydraulic cylinder repair bench/Nutbuster is designed to disassemble and tighten piston nuts and cylinder glands. Two counteracting cylinders generate cracking torque .…  Read more

Honing Machine


The HONIX-15’s design is innovative and revolutionary, making it standout from other honing machines in hydraulic repair shops. It is designed by experienced engineers .…. Read more 

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Hydraulitechs is very easy to deal with, and they were generous going the extra mile. We are very pleased with our purchase, and we are now saving money….as well as saving our backs!” 

Wayne Bueckert,


‘We purchased The Nutbuster and a cylinder bench from Hydraulitechs this year. We are VERY satisfied with the quality of the units and the pricing was very reasonable. The customer service we have received and continue to receive is beyond excellent! I highly recommend Hydraulitechs to anyone in the hydraulic repair industry that is looking for this type of tooling!’

Sara Rodriguez,

ALPHA HYDRAULICS, LLC in Riviera Beach, Florida, USA.