About Us

Our History

Hydraulitechs is an innovative design and assembly business specializing in the production of hydraulic systems. Proudly partnering with Mike’s Hydraulics who carry over 20 years of industry experience. Furthermore, our engineers have extensive backgrounds in machine and hydraulic design which allow us to deliver efficient, effective and user-friendly products.



Deliver amazing value to any shop with the addition of the Nutbuster™Automatic Honing Machine and Test rig. Flexible builds and affordable pricing will significantly increase your return on investment.

Why Choose Us

Flexible and Affordable Price

Hydraulic shops of any type can afford to purchase our machines. For instance, we provide flexible programs and pricing to suit the needs of any business.

Guarantee and Liability

No sale is final until you’re completely satisfied. Above all, our commitment is to helping our customers with any modification, new tools and repairs

Hydraulic Engineering & design

Without doubt, our machines are designed to match your shop’s needs. We deliver a promise of long lasting use through cutting edge technology and high-quality parts.


Who We are

Abe Eazadi

Abe Eazadi

Mechanical Engineering (EIT) , Marketing and Sale Manager

Abes E.Lotij

Abes E.Lotij

Mechanical Engineering (EIT) , R & D , Technical Manager