Fully Automated Tube Honing Machine

The AHM-110’s design is innovative and revolutionary, making it standout from other honing machines in hydraulic repair shops. It is designed by experienced engineers who removed the hassles inherent in the honing process. Look to the AHM-110 to increase your profits and grow your business.


  • Increase operator productivity
  • Faster cutting rates
  • Consistent quality
  • Time-saving
  • User-friendly
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Reduce material waste
  • Decrease part rejects
  • Low maintenance


Innovative design

The AHM-110 is a hydraulic cylinder tube honing machine with an  electric  over hydraulic and full automation design. The hydraulic power unit is mounted below the frame and drives 2 hydraulic motors for the stroker and the honing head. In addition, the power unit drives the pump for the honing oil. The oil is directly fed to the abrasive head media via the drive and feed assembly. With this innovative design, there is no need to connect a hose to bring honing oil to the tube. Once the honing settings are     in place, the AHM-110 operator can start honing without the need to maintain proper feed during the honing process. This is possible through a patent-pending constant- torque clutching mechanism. The used honing oil is recycled through a 3-stage filtration process, thereby preventing galling between the workpiece and the tool, and keeping the abrasive media clean. This ensures maximum cutting rates and long abrasive media life.


  • Max length:         20 ft
  • Max bore:            14”
  • Power unit:          5hp, 220V, 3-phase
  • Hydraulic Oil:      10 Gal
  • Honing Oil:          10 Gal

Tube End

1.Telescopic Table
This is the Tube-End. This is where you’ll find the Telescopic Table, Chain Vise, Honing Head, Control Panel, and the Splash Guard.
2.Chain Vise Mechanism
The chain vise is effortless in securing the tube during the honing process.
3.Honing Head
A standard honing head.
4.Control Panel
The panel contains settings for the
feeding speed, rotation speed, and number of honing cycles. Includes pressure gauges for hydraulic pump and honing oil pressure. A Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) unit is available upon request. The PLC will allow you to use a touchscreen to adjust and monitor honing settings.

Drive End

1. Drive End: The drive-end contains settings for the honing stroke length, tube center height, and constant pressure for the abrasive media.
2. Honing Oil Feeding Assembly: The assembly that brings the honing oil through the drive and shaft assembly.
3. Tube Centre Adjustment Wheel: Used to center the drive assembly to the tube.
4. Honing Head Tensioners: The 2 tensioners open and ensure the honing head stones remain in constant contact with the tube during the entire honing process.
5. Honing Stroke Length Adjustment: There are two limit switches, which are triggered by Teflon stoppers. These stoppers are set depending on tube length.