Hydraulic Pump/Motor Test Rig 

Our hydraulic test bench is a multi-functional test stand, capable of testing an extensive range of hydraulic components such as hydraulic pumps, motors, valves, and cylinders. It is designed for general shop testing and can test all makes and models of hydraulic components. Component performance is determined by comparing test results with a manufacturer’s specifications.

This unit is very compact and user friendly and it is effective for most hydraulic shops. It will help you to diagnose and troubleshoot the problems on hydraulic components.

It will give you peace of mind testing your units before delivering them to the customer.


Pumps and motors 

The pump or motor can be mounted on the machine using the universal mounts and couplings supplied with the machine. The machine can do the leakage test and efficiency test on all kinds of pumps and motors including gear, vane and piston types. Hydro-static units also can be tested on this machine. You can generate the performance graph of the unit and compare it to the manufacturer’s specs.



The test bench is capable of testing cylinders for both internal and external leakages with the assistance of an accumulator installed on the machine. Put the cylinder under pressure for a long time to determine the leakage precisely. The testing pressure is adjustable and can be up to 6000 psi.


The proper pressure can be set to find the external and internal leakage. A flow test is also doable on hydraulic control valves.